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Any help online?

JJLemon18JJLemon18 Community Champion Posts: 1,876 Extreme Poster
Hey all. I'm just looking if there is anyone I could reach out to online? Someone who I could tell everything I'm feeling so that they could point me in the right direction of what to do. I have short-term counselling sessions but they really don't seem to be helping, plus I only get like 1 hour a week and that just doesn't seem to be enough. I want someone who I don't have to meet or be in a call with, someone who I could just type everything out to. And there is a lot of it. Does any service like this exist?
Thanks in advance
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  • yanayana Community Champion Posts: 1,266 Wise Owl
    I've seen a few things where u can schedule meetings with a counsellor or something at whatever time suits u and you can type to them, it doesn't have to be calling or something but u still get support. Is that the sort of thing you're looking for? I think there are loads of things like that but some of them u have to pay for. Also I don't remember the names of most of them lol so I'm not being very helpful but yeah I hope u find something which helps :)
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  • JJLemon18JJLemon18 Community Champion Posts: 1,876 Extreme Poster
    Thanks @Xee! That also sounds like an option. Also as long as I can afford it I don't think I mind the price.

    Sorry I didn't explain it too well, but I'm kinda looking for something where I could just spend as long as I need to make a whole message (almost like a letter) with all my problems and feelings and for someone to give a reply on what they think I should do about it. So that it isn't live if you know what I mean, it would really give me a lot of time to explain everything clearly. During a face to face meeting I get too stressed out, during a call I can't get my voice to work, and during a live chat I will not be able to type fast enough which will also stress me out.
    I could do all of this here on my thread but there really is a lot to it, plus there are a lot of things I'm not comfortable saying here.

    This sounds really dumb but I feel like something like this could help me the most. I don't even know if such service exists, its usually face-to-face or online therapy sessions, I haven't heard of anything different.

    Also I know I could just write the letter and hand it to my therapist during the next session but I feel like it would take her the whole hour just reading the thing.
    Maybe there are other options that could help me idk, I'm just looking for anything at this point.
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  • yanayana Community Champion Posts: 1,266 Wise Owl
    U could write the letter for your therapist and ask if she could read it outside of the session? Idk if she'd be willing to do that or if you'd feel comfortable writing things to her because ik it's a lot easier online/anonymously but it's worth a shot right? Or you could email it to her or something before your next session so she can speak to you about that stuff when u next see her? I'm not sure. Also I think there are other websites like the mix where u can post a bunch of rambles but once again idk the names of any so u might have to do a bit of research
    my brain is not braining the way brains are meant to brain
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