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Im tired

Past UserPast User In a holePosts: 0 Just got here
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  • JJLemon18JJLemon18 Community Champion Posts: 1,876 Extreme Poster
    Sending tons of hugs @Morgan007! Remember you are not alone! :heart: Take care of yourself!
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  • yanayana Community Champion Posts: 1,266 Wise Owl
    @Morgan007 I know you feel alone but we're all here for you and we all care about u so much!! I'm sending u LOTS of hugs <3 Go give barney some huge cuddles rn!! If u feel like talking about how u feel more then feel free to to vent or anything! I know feeling mentally exhausted sucks but make sure you're taking care of yourself physically too because eating well, sleeping well, and staying hydrated can make the biggest difference.
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