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Hi. I am Rossouw.

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Hi. My name is Rossouw. My name means red but I don't have red hair. I'm 13 and turning 14 in November. I have a girl friend and I love her so much. I also have a best friend since I was very small. I don't have many issues. I'm just a bit angry or sad or something. I'm on medication for it. My hobbies are surfing, swimming, nudity and masturbation. I love underwear! My mom says I'm a silly willy. I'm old school. I like briefs. I have some boxerbriefs and boxers but briefs are best. I can wear them under my wetsuite. I have speedos but I don't always want to wear them. I have an older brother and we are good friends. I like my mom and dad. They are cool parents. Mmm, what else? I think I am a fish. I like water more than food. My biggest wish is to be able to breath under water. When I start to shoot sperm I'm going to cum a lot in the water to impregnate eggs of sea animals and then I'm going to have amphibian children. My brother says I talk to much. I think he has a point. I'm going to stop writing now. Bye.
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    Well, that's quite an intro. The staff team has sent you an email @Rossouw to talk through what The Mix Community is for and whether this is the right space for you. :)
    All behaviour is a need trying to be met.
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