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But it’s about me!!!

queenferociousqueenferocious Posts: 31 Boards Initiate
edited February 6 in Sex & Relationships
I’m sick to death of people especially my parents n family telling me to not make everything about me. If it directly affects me then it is! N going no need to get upset n angry n make a big deal it’s aimed at everyone not just bleeding specifically you “everyone” includes me doesn’t it?!!! Plus having a go at everyone just cuz one person messed up (especially at school we all got punished missing a school trip simply cuz someone wouldn’t own up for something bad n another time at home we all got in trouble for lying!!!). N making me deal with things not directly to do with me crossing my boundaries n letting things I do they just hear n see indirectly annoy them had enough of being nagged at for not thinking about other people. N telling me not to butt into or listen in to a conversation when they’re speaking about me

No matter how I tell them to stop n try n defend myself they won’t!! How they n things r is no excuse for the way they treat me!!!


  • support_squad23support_squad23 Posts: 113 The Mix Convert
    Hi @queenferocious

    It can be so incredibly frustrating and disheartening when others are unable or unwilling to understand our point of view. You deserve to have your needs understood, appreciated and supported. Likewise, losing out on something at the hands of someone else's mistake can be really disappointing. It makes sense that you're finding this hard. May I ask how you are feeling today? It seems like there's been quite a lot on your plate.

    Take care,
  • queenferociousqueenferocious Posts: 31 Boards Initiate
    People say these things r petty n I ought to be grateful for what I have n its part of life everyone goes thru these things but dont react like me n so I ought to stop complaining n being upset n mad over every little thing thinking about others having worse doesn't stop anything ive got all the right to be as upset n mad as I want at anything n say im just being too sensitive n temperamental n theres reasons for things to validate the situation n its just how I see n interpret n feel about things ofc I dont wanna accept being treated like that its not for my own good if it upsets me and is unfair!!!
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