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house bound at Christmas, any suggestions please

DistractionDistraction Posts: 466 Listening Ear

Whats everyone up to this Christmas?

I'm at home on leave although I've got a cast on and the house is like a construction site so I'm spending most my time in bed and that was nice for the first day or two but now I really want to get out which isn't going to happen.

I thought about baking a cake lol but we don't have an oven and I'd get in the way of the workers even if we did, any suggestions to lift spirits at all?

Done Christmas shopping online, watch a few films, talked to friends and so on.



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    HollyPearlHollyPearl Moderator, Staff Posts: 40 Boards Initiate
    edited December 2022
    Hey @Distraction!

    Really sorry to hear that you've got an injury and that the cast is stopping you from getting out and about <3 I completely understand why that would be frustrating when you're on leave and want to enjoy your time off! If there is construction work being done in your house that must feel tricky too.

    That's great that you've found some things to do, but I hear you're looking for more ideas and you did the right thing reaching out to the community :) We’re all here to keep you company and are happy to help! There are lots of us feeling the same way at this time of year and looking for inspiration. Here are a few suggestions for things you can do that don't involve leaving the house:

    Watch TedTalks
    From design to technology and mental health, there are lots of brilliant Ted Talks you can watch.

    Listen to a podcast
    Podcasts are a great way of discovering new interests and you might even get invested into a series. :)

    Explore Google Arts and Culture
    You can explore museums, historical places, and countries from the comfort of your own bedroom with this platform.

    Learn something new
    Keep your brain active by discovering a new topic. You can watch Crash Course videos or browse free courses on Future Learn.

    Create an inspirational board
    Gather your favourite quotes, pictures, memories, or DIY decorations and arrange them on a board or on a cardboard sheet. Then place it somewhere in your room where you can look at it when you need to.

    Write a letter or a card for someone
    Receiving a handwritten letter or card is a very personal gesture and can make someone’s day. Think about someone you would want to send it to and write a nice message to them.

    Volunteering can be such a rewarding experience where you can meet many like-minded people and you can volunteer online! Your involvement could make a difference in someone’s day :)

    If you like these ideas, you can find lots more in this article by Catalina, one of The Mix's young volunteers!

    If you’re feeling isolated or lonely at any point, then you can find lots of great ideas for how to connect with others and feel less alone here:

    I hope this helps and remember that we're all here whenever you fancy a chat :)

    Sending you hugs and hope you recover soon! <3

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    sinead276sinead276 Posts: 1,117 Wise Owl
    Also wanted to say sorry about your cast and hope it heals up soon - I also think the ideas Holly has suggested are great.

    My plans will probably be watching christmas films and Netflix to be honest but I also think a bit of arts and craft never went a miss as no matter how good (or in my case bad) someone is, there's always something you can have a go at.

    Hope you have a good christmas and remember we are all here if you want a chat over the festive period and beyond :)

    Sending hugs
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    Amy22Amy22 Posts: 4,124 Community Veteran
    Hi @Distraction I'm also very sorry to hear that you have injuried your leg and you are currently stuck at home. I also hear that there is construction work going on at your house which sounds very busy during a very busy time of the year too. Being bedbound sounds very stressful especially if you want to do things over Xmas. I would say watching some films might be relaxing or even watching YouTube. Hopefully you get better soon. I wish u a safe recovery and a happy Xmas. Sending hugs,

    Amy22 <3
    Just a person who likes pop culture and films
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