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A Faithless Journey Through the Depths of Forbidden Romances

mk1881mk1881 Posts: 131 The Mix Convert
A thing we both understand concepts of but
clouded by our own foresights
sure of what we're feeling despite
Despite our better judgements
One sided and reciprocated for another
Not in the aims to hurt but to simply feel something
to escape something bigger than our own selves

I displayed it neatly all out for you
cradled in rhymes and songs and gifts of time
But to which there was no response
a simple thank you, a brush of touch that didn't render within its receiver

Taking it all back seems worthless
unlike your gaze, your spark of attention; that has become to be my saving grace
but you're not a savior, a fixer
just human, with driven pain
clinging to toxicity, to remain sane

Yet you were still my place
my haven, that shielded me from the rain.
Constantly pouring out, hoping you would catch me when I fell
but that's unfair,
for we are not our own, and our actions have more ability to sway
so I breathe you in as she does, looking for
At the same time, she was looking for love, romance
a person to call her own,
who would I be to break that pursuit, something I'm not even sure I'm capable of
she's human, in her hurt in her own shame and anchoring into you, in the same way I thought I was worthy of pursuing you.

And you.
You being a "solid rock,"
a place I rendered to be "my spot,"
even though after all, it was for not
because you couldn't be owned, not a bay to be set harbors into
despite our efforts
You are more while still being broken,
grasping onto old revered dreams of your past,
running away from the absence of light in your life
but so were we.

So now we are at a stand still,
residing in a sense of loss and letting go
but if you dared me to,
if you offered yourself
how I know I would break you, I would take you selfishly with no remorse
because while you were just a living fragment of your former,
she was too,
and I in guilt.
Our situation broadcasted as our own ignominy,
I still wouldn't trade it for false pretenses of love,
regardless of never quite reaching your own worth of being adequate,
you were enough
for me..

I'm still creating wordless sentences you'll never hear.

"But our lives will only ever always Continue to be A balancing act That has less to do with pain And more to do with beauty." -Shane Koyczan


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    Amy22Amy22 Posts: 4,122 Community Veteran
    Hi @mk1881 this is a very good and insightful poem. Thank you for sharing it with us :)
    Just a person who likes pop culture and films
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    sinead276sinead276 Posts: 1,115 Wise Owl
    What a beautiful poem @mk1881 - like Amy said, thank you for sharing it here on the mix. You truly have a gift for it so keep it up :)
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    mk1881mk1881 Posts: 131 The Mix Convert
    @Amy22 & @sinead276,
    Thank you guys for the support, it was a deep poem for me to write but I needed to.
    "But our lives will only ever always Continue to be A balancing act That has less to do with pain And more to do with beauty." -Shane Koyczan
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    anonymous311anonymous311 Posts: 15 Settling in
    Hi @mk1881
    this was beautiful
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    support_squad23support_squad23 Posts: 113 The Mix Convert
    Hi there @mk1881

    This is a very powerful poem, you convey emotions with ease. I'm glad you've been able to share this here. Unrequired or forbidden love is a great grievance for many.
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