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Small phones

ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,819 Community Veteran
edited November 2022 in General Chat
Did they bring out a new small, small phones aren't amazing. There has been the soyes and the Melrose and they were both hard to use. Not all amazing looking things u can use
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  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,819 Community Veteran
    U definitely cannot game on the small ones
    Crazy mad insane
  • fiona333fiona333 Posts: 141 Helping Hand
    I feel like iPhones were through of phase, in which each new generation the phone was just bigger 😂
    I also don’t understand the foldable or compact smart phone…
    It seems that brick phones have been making a slight comeback, with the 2000s becoming an iconic era. I loved playing snake on my Nokia brick, which was my first phone! I’m still sad never got Blackberry, they always seemed cool!
  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,819 Community Veteran
    The folding fones their catchphrase was 'it bend the laws of physics and over time the glass will crease in the middle.
    I used to play snake, bumper Nd space impact although ee got the new 3310 :)
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