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Something He will Never Read but Something I Constantly Convey

mk1881mk1881 Posts: 131 The Mix Convert
11:11 and another second passes
Another moment spent in a false sense of normalcy
I rang, you picked up
Taking me places I thought I could never know
places I didn’t want to admit made me belong

Where there are miles
In this static, I’ve never felt more
Not like my beams over our heads but still closer
lying in the same beds of dread

Markers of time we probably shouldn’t have shared
Minutes, seconds, miles spent too close
Even though we couldn’t be farther apart
The beauty of knowing one another, a thing described as art
Passages of time defined in our separation

I wouldn’t trade my night for these moments
Nor my day,
You don’t believe it but I’m here to stay
Welcoming the clock,
A thing we can’t imagine could stop
Timeless but aware of our age and how it continues to change
before we knew it,
It was 11:11 and another second passes us

*This poem was written for my best friend, Thomas(-which isn't his actual name), who is in California right now.
"But our lives will only ever always Continue to be A balancing act That has less to do with pain And more to do with beauty." -Shane Koyczan


  • sinead276sinead276 Posts: 836 Part of The Mix Family
    What a beautiful poem - it's absolutely amazing

    Sending hugs,
    Sinead :3
  • fiona333fiona333 Posts: 141 Helping Hand
    incredible! would love to hear more of your work @mk1881
  • Amy22Amy22 Posts: 3,300 Boards Guru
    This is a really nice poem btw <3
    Just a person who likes pop culture and films
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