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Sunak getting in

ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,883 Community Veteran
Who is he? Do we trust him? Is he likely to mess everything up? Will he end the war? Will he end putin? And will everything become cheap or no pay for services which we need?
Crazy mad insane


  • HarryTHarryT Community Manager Posts: 320 The Mix Regular
    Hi @ellie2000,

    How are you doing? It's a confusing old time in politics at the moment, isn't it? It's difficult to know who is coming and going, and what impact those potential changes might have on us.

    There's lots of news articles and reports being put together about the leadership race which you might already have seen, or which you might like to check out for yourself if you haven't already been able to see them. This BBC newsround article and video clip might be a good place to start: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/63332407

    All the best,
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  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,883 Community Veteran
    I'm gd, if Tories weren't in we wouldn't be in a mess. If putin would keel over would everything b how it was? I not usually interested in this stuff but I get caught up in this :s
    Crazy mad insane
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