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ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,890 Community Veteran
Wen I saw the date 2013 it triggered me to think og wen life crashed, and was told everything's ended but it hasn't 😫🤬😭 bc the questions I asked wasn't answered, coz the questions came about as the person left, was it too emotional. Do ppl that r told by a higher being to b narcissists feel bad?
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  • HarryTHarryT Community Manager Posts: 320 The Mix Regular
    Hi @ellie2000,

    How are you doing? I'm not quite sure that I understand what you mean here, and I'm wondering whether you would be able to try and explain this in a different way?

    What is it about 2013 that is significant for you? When you say that you were told that everything was going to end, what did you mean by that?

    You're doing really well to open up to us, Ellie.

    Take care,
    Harry :)
    Hello amazing human (yes, that's YOU). I wish that you could see the amazing person who I see within you  ✨
  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,890 Community Veteran
    2913 was wen I was free of stuff, weights lifted, but as I wasn't told tht I wasn't in the hands of ppl I had no idea wat they were doin anymore I still feel drained. Everytime I cried I didn't feel I was supported, the ppl tht are mentioned had a go at me wen family found out wat was happening.
    I still feel that I'm still being monitored, how do u get over tht feeling?
    Will I feel different wen I move? I feel better wen on holidays 😊
    Crazy mad insane
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