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5 Things men need - The Mix

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image5 Things men need - The Mix

What men need, basically is this: -A world where we are not constantly told to put women first just because they are women and are then told that it’s “equality” -A world that doesn’t value men when they hide their emotions. -An end to the “man up and suffer a bit” culture, perpetrated by both...

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    Some good some stupid
    first, society is generally pretty anti male. society has always been anti male in parts, and pro male in others. men were always sent to wars to die, in mass number. women weren't. even 100 years ago. even 200. or 400. actually, since all of history, women never had to deal with hunting or physical combat. is that pro or anti male. anti. men got the harder jobs, the worst paying jobs, men had to provide for women while women could stay at home. men were treated worse by criminal justice system always, most criminals are men. men are the last to be given any handouts in any society, women are always to be taken care of financially first, that's why men are over 90% of the homeless population. today feminists have removed any positives to being a man that counteracted those negatives (somewhat) but they don't seem to be very keen on getting rid of the negatives. so society today needs to change, and stops villianizing men criminalizing men. courts need to treat men and women as the same, isntead of men as guilty until proven innocent. courts need to stop giving men much harsher punishments for the same crime. financial help needs to be equally accessible. diversity targets must stop being so anti male.
    second, what men really need is for so called "feminists" to stop hating men so much and creating various elaborate ruses to disguise their pretty naked sexism. if scum manifesto was overt, feminists today hide their manhate behind "toxic masculinity" and things like "what men need" campaign perpetrated by this very website. They try to undermine men, feed them a steady diet of propaganda telling them that they are evil, and that they need to change, and that they need to become a "new man" and that the "old man" was a very bad bad man, and you don't want to be that. and that you should also "open up" and "get in touch with your feelings" and start talking about your personal insecurities to complete strangers, or random people, who may or may not use that information against you, or to talk with people you are not comfortable talking with for a variety of reasons.
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