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Encouraged to talk, not punch. - The Mix

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imageEncouraged to talk, not punch. - The Mix

Many men I know, including my twin brother, are quick to turn to anger. As an observer, it seems that they go from 0 to 100: they’re totally fine, but then something goes wrong or you say something they don’t want to hear, and suddenly they’re yelling or punching a wall, or storming out of...

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  • Liam505Liam505 Deactivated Posts: 9 Confirmed not a robot
    If there's any kind of self hatred or sexism towards men from me its how men are not intelligent in realizing that its 2022 and you can't solve any problems with fists. if anything, you'll be the problem if you do that. if only men did not use phsyical violence to solve their problems they could solve all of their problems AND MORE via legal means via reporting people. Normalize reports people.
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