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A Different Perspective - The Mix

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imageA Different Perspective - The Mix

My group of friends are all male. All hilarious. All kind when they want to be. And all just as responsible of dishing out comments that make others feel as though they have to act “like a man” as they are of receiving these. I am fortunate enough to have to be the ‘annoying little...

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  • Liam505Liam505 Deactivated Posts: 9 Confirmed not a robot
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    ""Grow a pair"
    "Be a man"
    "He hits like a girl"
    These are examples of the typical phrases we all hear""

    Except "we" don't.
    We don't hear those phrases at all. [removed]

    "grow a pair" not a male related phrase. grow a pair is a phrase used when somebody is being a pussy. it's actually not very common. it really doesn't hurt that bad, and if it does, maybe you're the problem. also it's not inherently male. there's nothing inherently male about it. "having balls" means having confidence, it's not about actually having a pair or balls, lol, did you seriously make this argument?

    "be a man" mostly used by women. Oh yes. That's right. How many times have you heard a woman shame or bait or try to provoke a man by saying "well if you were a real man" or "a real man would do this but I guess you're not".

    "he hits like a girl" I mean that's true, if its true, and it's unfortunate, but if you have low testosterone, low muscle mass, maybe because you grew up in a unfortunate social environment, you'll have skinny muscle-less skinny bones and when you hit, if you hit, you may not hit with force but instead flail. Usually it's a funny expression supposed to make a dude rage.

    Stop trying to get men to open up to you, when they don't want to. Maybe they don't want to open up to you. Do you want to open up to men? What if I said to you that you have toxic femininity and that you need more male friends and to be more open to them.

    Men are not delicate wallflowers. Why are you so keen to make them into such? Who's the real sexist here is my question.[removed]
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