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Is the Internet "bad"? - The Mix

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imageIs the Internet "bad"? - The Mix

These days, the media loves to report on negativity, and this is not different when it comes to the internet. CNN reports that “the Internet is more harmful than helpful”. The Independent states that “internet is bad for children’s mental health”. The Telegraph announce that “The internet can be a dark and dangerous place”. It’s...

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  • Liam505Liam505 Deactivated Posts: 9 Confirmed not a robot
    Internet is fine, people who say internet is bad are agitating for authorities to clamp down on the internet. The amount of dangers that exist on the internet are nothing NOTHING in comparison to the dangers that come when some singular authority tries to gain control of it. I am not scared of a random individual person, regardless how strong they are. They're 1 person, and there's a police force out there. I am much more scared of a centralized authority gaining control of it.
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