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Friendship s TW

ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 4,074 Community Veteran
I just txt a friend 'how r u' n I'm thinking about asking for bent over stuff bcoz I'm feeling unhappy
Is there dangers wen doin it.
Or wat safer ways r there to be happy
Crazy mad insane


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    ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 4,074 Community Veteran
    I hav to wait for weekends to get happiness
    Crazy mad insane
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    BenMaBenMa Moderator, Staff Posts: 143 Helping Hand
    It sounds like weekends are one of the things that brings happiness to you @ellie2000 and I sense from your post that you're trying to find a way to be happy during the week too. I'm wondering what it is about the weekends that make you feel happy Ellie?

    I'm also hearing that you're asking about the possible dangers; in case you're referring to certain drugs or substances, you're welcome to check out Frank and Know the Score. If you're referring to something else, what dangers do you think might be involved?

    Look forward to hearing from you! We're all here for you.

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    ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 4,074 Community Veteran
    i feel life at the weekends coz im around family, in the week i mite open up to friends i rarely no via txt. i dont tlk to family coz got told not to by 'proffesional' ppl. my mum has cats, i look foreward to c them at the weekend.
    i was struggling today and i wanna b hurt, i no how far to go if i hurt myself, so i ask someone else n they say no :(
    i feel tht a period of my life is repeating, feelings
    wat do i do
    im unhappy
    Crazy mad insane
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