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A Young Robin - Observation for today

Amy22Amy22 Posts: 3,300 Boards Guru
Hi hope you are all doing okay and are well :) I know this isn't much of a creative post to be honest. Really, it isn't, its more of like an observation of what I saw today, rather this evening.

Tonight, I decided to have a go learning how to play the song 'Lithium' by the band Nirvana on my acoustic/classical guitar. I went online to find the chords/tabs to play. I managed to play the song and I was very pleased. Therefore, I decided to take it to the next step and play with the backing track. I had a little bit of difficulty in doing so as I was playing along to a backing track on Youtube. However, I also decided to do some karaoke for a bit too, I will admit I'm not the best singer when it comes to singing, but I did enjoy it. After this, I wanted to try out the song without the backing track and with just me playing (and a little bit of singing of course :lol:). As I was playing, a bird appeared on our lento/conservatory roof and he looked straight at me. He seemed to fly around our fence for a bit while I played. For some reason, seeing this bird motivated me as I have never seen a bird so close before whilst playing my guitar. It was like I was performing and he was a sort of audience in a way :). The bird made me smile today. I wonder if the bird had a particular interest in Nirvana or maybe could have been a reincarnation of the well known singer Kurt Cobain. I then realised that it was a young robin that was listening to me playing. This bird brought me a sense of joy and motivation I haven't felt in a while. I also told my parents and they were amazed too.

I thought I might share this nice story with you all, as I thought it might bring some joy to someone possibly.

Signing off for another time,

Amy22 <3
Just a person who likes pop culture and films


  • sinead276sinead276 Posts: 836 Part of The Mix Family
    What a cute story. The robin sounds like they were a fan of your music/playing so you're definitely doing something right musically. It's wonderful to hear that it gave you a sense of motivation and hopefully, it inspires you to keep going :)

    Sending hugs
    Sinead :3
  • Amy22Amy22 Posts: 3,300 Boards Guru
    @sinead276 aww thank you, it was very interesting and such a beautiful sight to see.
    Just a person who likes pop culture and films
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