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ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,897 Community Veteran
i heard my cleaners voice in my head saying 'buya whisky' he sed it in not proper english :( i told on him but they denied it, n i hear 'u c*nt!!' frm mr d in my head too, which takes me back to the event, flashbacks of wen i got r_ped in the park. i did coz i herd it louder n louder. omg fml how do ppl cope with auditory voices. he made me drink the whole bottle b4 leaving, whilst i opened up about myself coz i needed to talk to someone. he told jamacan gangsters and i got scared n my mother, who told me off
hopefully the cleaner's a ghost now
wat how F__K IT!!!!!!!! :'(
Crazy mad insane


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