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If a diagnosis only means discrimination and not help, would you want it?

Kate_20Kate_20 Posts: 653 Incredible Poster
If a diagnosis only means discrimination and not help, would you want it?
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  • spoonspoon Posts: 371 Listening Ear
    I think it would depend on whether it remains confidential or not and depends on if the condition is visible.
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  • BrookeeBrookee Posts: 1,327 Wise Owl
    Hey @Kate_20
    This is a really interesting question. I find this is often the case already with a lot of mental illnesses, particularly personality disorders, a lot of discrimination comes into the play that I don't feel is warranted at all. I think diagnosis are really difficult anyway in the grand scheme of things as we're kind of putting each person into a box that nobody 100% fits into, as everyone reacts and responds differently based on different situations and different experiences, which is something I feel should always be remembered, but unfortunately isn't always the case. I feel like for my own peace of mind I would want a diagnosis so I could fully understand what is going on for me, but I know that if it only meant discrimination is could potentially make my mental health worse in the long-term.
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