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Alcohol and personality changes

RichRich Posts: 2 Newbie
I just packed my things and left a place I lived for 2 years. I lived in a nice trailer while my best friend and his mom lived in their house. My friend has a alcohol problem which I started to have too eventually. I took care of him over the years when he had nowhere to go or stay. I had his back when he was passed out and took up the slack of building that home. I was kicked out the first time for no reason only to be invited back. I had to scramble to find work and overtime i started drinking off and on. When I drank too much my grudges and anger would come out. This is not the real me.


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    RichRich Posts: 2 Newbie
    Does anyone have advice on this scenario? I felt like I was manipulated by my friends narcissistic mom. He changed into an irritable person that did nothing but call me a liar and it pushed both of us to the breaking point. I blame alcohol and my choice to drink. I have since quit the booze and feel depressed.
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    daisyella12daisyella12 Posts: 119 The Mix Convert
    Hi @Rich

    Thank you for reaching out about this, we appreciate you joining the community <3

    This sounds like a really difficult situation to be in. Have you found somewhere else to stay since you moved out? I feel as though you did the right thing in leaving, the environment you were in sounds like it was toxic to live in. This big change in your life could have triggered you to feel depressed, as well as quitting drinking (which btw is a massive achievement, so well done :) )! It seems as though you are now putting yourself first. It may be useful to get in contact with your GP, they may be able to help you with your depression and also any side effects you have from quitting.

    I am so proud of you for turning this situation around and although it may not feel like it right now, this sounds like a positive step in the right direction! <3
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    RileyRiley Moderator Posts: 991 Part of The Mix Family
    That all sounds like a very difficult situation @Rich and it's understandable that you'd want some advice on what to do next. I think it's a great first step quitting drinking since it seems to have really negatively affected you, anything you can do to stick with that is important since it can be a very difficult habit to break.

    This is all obviously a very complicated situation to be in and so I don't have a huge amount of advice to give but i would say trying to improve your own health and mental well-being should be your focus at the moment since you seem to have been struggling a lot. Of course that's just my own thoughts on the situation. :) If you need some advice on trying to stay sober or just someone to talk to about everything you're going through there are some great resources available online that I can link you to if you're interested!
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