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Night sweats

DandelionDandelion Posts: 1,911 Extreme Poster
Lately I’ve literally been waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. I’ve read that it is a possible side effect of antidepressants just wondering if anyone had experienced similar. I don’t really want to go to my gp about it cause I’m scared they’ll change my meds or something and I don’t have any issue with them apart from this
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  • JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 5,301 Part of The Furniture
    Howdy Dandelion. :) Is this a regular thing or something that happens occasionally?

    I don't have much experience of this myself, but I'd really recommend being open with your GP about it. Even if the meds you're on work really well, there may be others that work just as well but don't give you the same nasty side-effects. They may also be able to help narrow down the cause of the night sweats in case they happen to be unrelated to the antidepressants.

    You might have already looked at this, but here's a snip from the NHS article on night sweats which has a bit more info on what could be causing them for you:
    The most common reasons for night sweats are:
    • menopause symptoms ("hot flushes")
    • anxiety
    • medicines – some antidepressants, steroids and painkillers
    • low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia)
    • alcohol or drug use
    • a harmless condition called hyperhidrosis that makes you sweat too much all the time
    I can't speak for sure on this because it might vary depending on the GP, but conversations around meds can also be guided partly by what you want. So even if they do think your meds are the issue they might not force you to change (if that's a worry). :)
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  • DandelionDandelion Posts: 1,911 Extreme Poster
    It happens pretty much every night. I filled in the online form thing my gp has so you can get advice cause I hate ringing up and they literally just text me back saying please ring up to make an apt 🙄🙄 so I waited on hold for 30 mins this morning and got an apt
    The steps you take don’t need to be big, they just need to take you in the right direction. 
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