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Starting with a new therapist

_AJ__AJ_ OxfordPosts: 116 The Mix Convert
Hi guys,
Wondered if I could ask some advice?
I start therapy again tomorrow. I’ve been in and out of therapy for 8 years. But my last therapist was rather unprofessional and triggered me a lot. So I have had to change but I just don’t know where to start tomorrow! So any advice on how to handle a first session would be great!
AJ x


  • SirArchibaldSirArchibald Posts: 20 Boards Initiate
    Hi @_AJ_ , I am sorry your last therapist was unprofessional and I'm glad that you are no longer seeing them. A good place to start with your new therapist could be talking about your main issues e.g. have bad anxiety at school or whatever it is for you and what your goals for therapy are e.g. reduce school anxiety. These goals can be whatever you want them to be. Setting goals can also help your therapist understand what you want out of therapy, and can help them figure out how they can best help you.
    Also dont be afriad to repeat what you have told previous therapist, it may be annoying or upsetting to talk about the same things over and over again, but it could be important for the therapist to know, basically if you think its important than tell them.
    Final piece of advice is just be honest with your therapist, it will be difficult for them to get a full picuture of you and your issues if you dont tell your them the whole story.
    I hope that this advice is useful and I really hope your sessions goes well!
    Please update if you want to.
  • CosmoCosmo Posts: 22 Boards Initiate
    Hey! @_AJ_

    The thing that annoys me the most is an unprofessional therapist, and unfortunately, it is rather common to find them. It happend to me in the past and I would never change my present therapist because is the best I haver had, the important thing is, as @SirArchibald said, to be always honest with them, explain all your worries,fears and axienty and the will do everything to sort it out with you.

  • AbbyOwlAbbyOwl North of Watford GapPosts: 121 The Mix Convert
    edited September 16
    Hey @_AJ_

    Sorry to hear that you had a bad therapist last time, unfortunately, as Cosmo said, this can be rather common. Really hope that you have a better experience this time and that they can provide you with the right support.

    I've had similar experiences with psychiatrists being unprofessional and this did make things worse. However, when I changed to PWPs, I told them about my previous experiences and they were really understanding and try to avoid any triggers. As mentioned, goal setting is good as it gives therapists insight into what you hope to gain from the sessions, and you can work collaboratively to plan and achieve them. To reiterate the great advice already given - try to be as honest and open with your new therapist as possible. It can be hard to be open after having a negative therapy experience, but they are not there to judge you and there are good ones who want to support you <3

    Hope this makes sense and helps - it takes a lot of strength to go through therapy, especially if you've had bad experiences in the past, so be really proud of yourself <3 Hope your first session goes well x
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