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Better Days - World Suicide Prevention Day

Millie2787Millie2787 Community Champion Posts: 5,103 Part of The Furniture

Things haven’t been great for me lately , the anxiety and worries about moving have started kicking in and I’ve spent a lot of time lying in bed listening to music .

But I lay and really listened to this song and it speaks about overcoming those fears and I know a lot of you are struggling with things you want to do but are too scared to.

I know a lot of you are finding it hard right now so I just wanted to share with you some of the song

For 7 years running you’ve been a solider - look at everything you’ve been through and here you are still alive and still fighting .

Were sing your song together - everyone here will celebrate those wins with you no matter how big or small.

Your on the other side of the storm now , you should be so proud , Better days are coming for you - You did it , you made it through those dark days and the better memories are just around the corner for you.

Your story’s going to change. I promise you that one day , your story will change . I know right now if feels like the world is against you but I promise your story will change very soon.

I really urge you all to really listen to these lyrics especially if your struggling a lot ❤️

Remember we’re all here for those dark days and to help you through them

Sometimes all you need is one person to believe in you , for you to begin to believe in yourself.
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