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Group chat guidelines have had a revamp

JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 4,950 The Mix Elder
As always, the Community Champions have been working hard. This time, they've been putting together a new set of group chat guidelines. I think we can all agree they needed an update. :bleep_bloop:

The new set is up on the website now - click here to read them.

It's worth noting that the guidelines themselves haven't changed much. We've added a couple of minor things but our main goal has been to reformat them in a clearer, more accessible way.

You'll see there are now four 'pillars':
  • Togetherness – I know this is a group environment and I’ll be kind and compassionate to other people.
  • Safety – To keep other community members safe, I’ll use crisis services if I’m in crisis. I’ll be mindful not to use triggering language.
  • Confidentiality – What’s shared in chat stays in chat, and I won’t repeat what I hear. I have read and understand The Mix’s confidentiality policy.
  • Diversity – I understand everyone has different views and experiences, and I’ll be accepting of this.

These are the basic principles the rest of the guidelines are built on. So you can get most of what you need from those principles, but there is also a detailed version of the guidelines underneath where you can find more of the specifics. Make sure you read both so you have all the information you need. :)

If you have any feedback, feel free to let us know below. Guidelines are always a work in progress and no doubt we'll change things a bit over time. We'll also be adding some imagery to that page to make it more engaging and accessible, but that will be probably come later once our website has been rebuilt.

This was a big job that took us a while as a team, so a huge shoutout to all the Community Champions who contributed and made sure the new guidelines were as clear, accessible, and complete as possible. :star:
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