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Get involved in our Summer Campaign

Emma_Emma_ 🥦🌻🌿Vibing with plants and vegan food Posts: 290 Community Manager
Howdy there everyone 🤠

You may (or may not!) have heard on the grape vine that The Mix's upcoming summer campaign is focusing on Sex and Bodies. We know this is a pretty big topic so we asked a group of young people their thoughts on what are the most important topics we should be talking about. Below are the top 5 we came up with!

Sex within the LGBTQIA+ Community
  • Relationships
  • Sexual orientation (info on the IA+)
  • Safe sex
  • Myth busting

Health ≠ Size
  • Internalised Fatphobia
  • Eating Disorders
  • Body dysmorphia

Society Views
  • Shame
  • Self-Gratification
  • Coming out
  • Cultural Views

  • Different types
  • Cultural views
  • Laws

  • Who has them
  • Science behind them
  • Views around not having them

The campaign is starting next week and will be running until the 20th August. We're looking for people to create some content on these issues - that could be an article, a social takeover, an Instagram reel/post/pack, a community thread - up to you!

Thought box
We're also looking to create a thought box which would allow you all to anonymously submit a paragraph about anything sex and bodies related. We're still working on the safeguarding around this, but until then, if you're okay with it, you're welcome to send over any short paragraphs or thoughts you have to @TheMix PM. We will then anonymously post this as a feed post on instagram with the thought as a caption.

It can be a short story/experience, a thought process/realisation about a topic, a poem, a diary entry, pretty much anything. The hope is people can then relate or offer support on instagram :)

If you're keen to get involved in any way at all, please drop @TheMix a PM with the topic of theme you have in mind and we'll get in touch via email and go from there! I know some of these topics might be tricky to talk about or super personal, so we're more than happy for anything you create to be posted anonymously if you'd prefer - if you send it to @TheMix PM, we can also make sure its sent on anonymously to the relevant people too (so you don't need to email!)

Any questions, give us a shout ✨


  • lovemimoonlovemimoon 🦋 Posts: 1,832 Extreme Poster
    Thank you so much for starting this campaign!

    I know a couple of people that would be very interested in this campaign but they are not on the Mix! Is it okay if I let them know about this campaign?
  • simran121simran121 Posts: 12 The Mix Staff
    Hey @lovemimoon

    Yes of course they can - they would just need to sign up to the online community and drop @TheMix a PM with their content ideas!

    Looking forward to hearing from them :)

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