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Confusion of gender identity

an0nan0n ScotlandPosts: 21 Boards Initiate
Hi just felt like I needed to post this somewhere because I don't know where else to or who to talk about this with. For months now I have been questioning my gender. I am afab (a female at birth) however I don't feel connected to or comfortable being referred to as a woman or using she/her pronouns. I have been so confused whether I could be a trans boy or nonbinary or agender ect. I feel comfortable using he and they pronouns but I am unsure about my gender identity. I feel much discomfort with my chest area and have been binding for several months. The problem is that my brain keeps trying to convice me that i've made all this up and that i'm just faking all this for attention. But why would I want to feel like this, I wish that I could be comfortable being a girl but I'm not. It's really frustrating and confusing and I just wish I knew who I was. I don't like being referred to by my birth name either because it's extremely feminine and I don't feel connected to the name at all. It's really annoying being referred to as my birth name and she/her pronouns but I'm not about to tell my family that. One of my friends knows that I am questioning and she is thankfully really supportive, and as soon as I told her I wanted to try out a new name she changed my name in her phone, and she is willing to help me figure out my pronouns. Does anyone else think i'm just faking this or is it just my stupid brain?


  • RileyRiley Posts: 759 Super Moderator
    You know @an0n you would honestly be surprised at how often other people think the EXACT same things as you when they're struggling with their own gender identity, I think just about every trans person I know has thought something similar at some point. Hopefully you're able to explore all these feelings safely and figure things out, I know it's all confusing but it already sounds like you're making great progress!

    Remember though there's no rush to get everything figured out, you can always feel free to talk about your feelings about your gender identity here on the boards. I hope this journey you're on will end up with you feeling much happier about yourself. <3
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