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If you need urgent support, call 999 or go to your nearest A&E. To contact our Crisis Messenger (open 24/7) text THEMIX to 85258.
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So last night I was playing online with my friend when my brother (he has to stay in my room because my mum is re doing her room so putting everything in his room) when I got really annoyed (because my brother kept saying why) so I went to my mum, my dad was there aswell and threatened to turn of the Xbox and I came back everything disconnected (he controls the WiFi so he can turn of the WiFi for certain people most of the time it’s fucking me) so he turned it off before I could tell my friend (my friend worries he knows everything, well almost) and now my dads asleep I want to make sure my friends ok but he will probably just say ‘you need a break anyways’ like when you turned of the WiFi I tried to leave the house to calm down and leave at 9pm at night for Christ’s sake. And when I got back the WiFi still of so I have to use my mobile data to talk to a counsellor on childline and I’m still using mobile data because he can’t be bothered to turn my WiFi back on when I ‘should be helping mum’ I fucking cried myself to sleep dude. I just don’t understand how he thinks he has the authority to turn of all my support like I was at the edge, ‘hanging on by a fingernail’ and he thinks I would be hurt or worse if I went out there. And I get agitated really easily with the word ‘why’ and that’s why I told my parents about my brother. I’m just really pissed and I’m at my breaking point my thoughts are being strong and I need to talk to my friend but my dads in bed fucking sleeping for all he know I could be dead.
Sorry I just needed to get this out.. if anyone has advice on how to calm down quicker or stop my thoughts of death that would be wonderful. Have a good day.
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    It’s hard when you can’t get the support you need, my parents used to turn the wifi off sometimes when I was a kid because if they didn’t my sister would be on it all night every night on school nights.

    If you’re in the UK, there’s a service called shout that you can text, so it doesn’t need wifi. You text them by sending “shout” to 85258 and you will be connected to someone you can talk to, 24 hours a day. The texts are free so shouldn’t show up on your phone bill either.

    It might also help to have coping mechanisms that don’t need wifi, for example you could download some music onto your phone or do something like drawing, art etc.

    I understand how frustrating it is, being a teenager is tough at the best of times. And remember we’re always here for you too <3
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