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Weight lose

lovenature773lovenature773 Posts: 50 Boards Initiate
edited May 30 in Health & Wellbeing
So I binge eat it’s a thing I do when I’m stressed etc and now I’ve been more stressed from school exams and my body. I’ve put on 2 stone that I don’t need and it’s effecting me mentally now. My mum also got me some demin shorts and a demin skirt. The shorts just fit but the skirt doesn’t and now I’ve been tryna cut all high calorie food and stuff out and I’m trying to only eat dinner nothing else but I see food and I want to eat it. I’m at the point of locking myself in my room till dinner so I don’t grab junk food. I really want to be fit but being tall and overweight doesn’t look pretty. I’ve also got a bunch of curves from where I pull my underwear up so it’s easier to suck in my stomach but it’s putting me down a lot now that I’m getting so wide that soon I won’t be able to wear my aunts bridesmaid dress and it’s next month so I want to loose a bunch of weight by then since it’s tight when I tried it out yesterday. Sorry I just needed to get it out and if anyone has healthy techniques to try that would help me a lot.
Have a great day y’all
P.S feel free to share your stories
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  • Salix_alba_2019Salix_alba_2019 Posts: 1,336 Wise Owl
    Heya welcome to The Mix @lovenature773, I'm sorry to hear that things have been really hard for you lately, stress is a really sicker when it comes to out physical and mental health.

    Have you been able to incorporate stress management techniques into your day to day? So that could be anything from walking to talking to somone about what's been going on for you?

    When it comes to trying to create ballance with eating sometimes you gotta get down to the route cause and work your way up for the best possible outcome because often binge eating is a side effect of what's been going on.

    I recently got trapped into a cycle of binge eating for a just over a month and all of a sudden its simmered out a bit. I don't force myself to do anything drastic I just do things to help my mental health, get some fresh air every day anddd I never restrict or punish myself. I also found that having a filling breakfast made me far less likely binge in the evening. Porridge with oat milk and a table spoon of peanut butter often did the trick for me (although it does get boring at times you just gotta find a way of making it fun lol)

    I've babbled a lot lol but in short

    1) Do things to help the mental load as binge eating is often a side effect

    2)Try to incorporate filling and ballanced foods and you might find that you'll crave less of the sugary stuff

    3)Forgive yourself if things don't go to plan

    4)Try not to put soo much preausre on yourself to loose weight for the wedding, I understand its important but soo is your mental wellbeing too! You're not defined by anything but the kindness of your heart💜

  • robyn2918robyn2918 Posts: 5 Confirmed not a robot
    Hi @lovenature773
    I'm really sorry to hear you've been feeling this way and I realise I'm a little late in responding but hope this helps you!

    Weight gain and body changes are incredibly hard to deal with and accept, and you are definitely not alone in feeling this way! Something I find helpful, and I realise it may be easier said than done, is to look at these changes, whether cellulite, loose skin, curves or anything really! Look at them and take it in, it might sound silly but taking away the power that changes in our bodies have can really help us to come to terms with them, as I know it can be extremely shocking when you notice these things! There are lots of body positive accounts on social media that I love to follow, as we should never be ashamed of our bodies, they are keeping us alive after all!!

    From what you've explained, the binge eating may be stemming from the stress youve been experiencing, so try and find the root or trigger for this. Taking time to practice self care and do things that calm you and make you happy are really important.

    Remember, your body doesn't define you! All bodies are different, and they are constantly changing to allow us humans to live our lives! I hope this helped in some way, and I hope youre able to find something that works for you! :)

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