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Support Group <3

m3gan04m3gan04 Posts: 28 Boards Initiate
Hey guys! I'm Megan (she/her) and i wanted to make a discussion board where we can all get to know each other and offer advice/support when needed.

I'll start by introducing myself. I'm 17 (in my first year of college) and aspire to get a doctorate in clinical psychology. I am currently studying sociology, psychology, and RS (which includes a lot of philosophy) and i love a good debate when it comes to politics.

In terms of my mental health, i am on antidepressants and other medications to help me with depression and anxiety, as well as being in therapy for trauma related symptoms following sexual assault. I have recovered from anorexia, something i had been struggling since the age of 9, and i'm kind of a loner lmao. I've tried to be open and honest about my personal experiences regarding mental health as an opportunity for others to open up too - you are not alone. Hopefully my experiences will allow me to help those going through similar problems.

Hope everyone is doing okay <3


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    lovemimoonlovemimoon Posts: 2,318 Boards Champion
    Hi @m3gan04

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!

    Refer to me by my username for now. I'm 19, my pronouns are she/her and I'm currently studying illustration at uni, second year.

    I'm currently in group therapy for depression and anxiety but I've recently been referred to a psychiatrist for a mental health assessment. I'm on a medical trial for antidepressants (which I have yet to pick up). It's going well but I'm going to be discharged from the service soon, so I'm planning to find another therapist to focus on sexual trauma.

    I'm so proud of you for recovering from anorexia! I imagine it must have been a very difficult journey. <3
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    m3gan04m3gan04 Posts: 28 Boards Initiate
    Hi lovemimoon! I have also attended group therapy in the past for anxiety, but it definitely wasn't my thing lmao. Hope it works for you so you have some support whilst waiting for more personal focused therapy. Thank you for sharing, its great that you're planning ahead following your discharge from the service.
    Thank you, yes it was very difficult but through that journey I learnt to accept parts of myself I may never have without going through the experience :)
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    lovemimoonlovemimoon Posts: 2,318 Boards Champion
    Hey @m3gan04

    How have you been? <3
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    m3gan04m3gan04 Posts: 28 Boards Initiate
    @lovemimoon Hello, I've been okay thank you. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow so that's good.
    How about you? <3
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    AbbyOwlAbbyOwl Posts: 125 The Mix Convert
    edited June 2021
    Hey @m3gan04 and @lovemimoon

    Hope you are both doing okay <3

    The type of therapy is definitely a personal choice. I've always said no to group therapy for mental health, but have attended groups for physical health conditions. Currently, I'm on antidepressants and on a waiting list for high-intensity CBT. I was doing cognitive restructuring and counselling, but was referred to a psychiatrist so was discharged. That didn't work out well, so I'm now back to the previous service, who are lovely.

    I too am hoping to work in clinical psychology, and I think having people with both a personal and professional experience would improve existing services and the standard of care.

    Hope the services continue to support you both, even if your sessions are coming to an end or you're being referred onto new people. You should be super proud of yourselves <3
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    m3gan04m3gan04 Posts: 28 Boards Initiate
    @AbbyOwl Its great that you’ve found a service which seemingly works well for you! You should be proud too :))
    Wishing you luck in your career towards clinical psychology, it sounds like you’d do great and definitely help a lot of people
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