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Children and Young People's Mental Health Inquiry

ZenZen Living the Zen life 🧘🏼‍♀️Posts: 1,993 Extreme Poster
Hey Everyone,

There is currently an inquiry being undertaken by the Health & Social Care Committee in Parliament about 'Children and Young People's Mental Health'. What this means is that the members of the committee will look at the progress that has been made against their own ambitions to improve children and young people's mental health provision - they will also look at evidence submitted by organisations and members of the public.

What is a committee inquiry?
Committees of inquiry enable an in-depth investigation of a particular issue. They also focus the public spotlight on the issues under scrutiny and, in that sense, are useful not only for placing certain topics on the political agenda but also for enhancing Parliament's powers of scrutiny and control.

This is something that could potentially change how mental health provisions are implemented for children and young people. Hence, it will affect many people who use the boards!

The committee will:
"consider whether the system should be reformed toward a more holistic approach that prioritises early intervention and prevention as well as crisis care and explore how to tackle worrying trends in self-harm and suicide"

What evidence has been submitted so far?
So far, there have been two oral evidence sessions which were attended by Young Mind Activists, higher education professors, teachers, and many other professionals. If you are interested, you can watch these sessions here.

There have also been 72 written evidence responses which you can find here.

Where is the Inquiry at now?
The committee are currently considering all the evidence that has been gathered, then they will publish a report. From this the Government will usually make a response, either through publishing a paper, or by sending a memorandum (written document) to the committee.

I'm interested to see what you think about this inquiry, do you think it's valuable? And what would you like to see happen because of it? This sort of stuff really interests me so I'll try and keep you up to date as best as I can!
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  • meilameila Posts: 82 Budding Regular
    Hi @Zen! I definitely think could be very valuable, though I'm not sure what will happen because of it, who knows with the government XD
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