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A little update

awesomeminecraft6789awesomeminecraft6789 Deactivated Posts: 1,052 Wise Owl
Hi guys

I thought I'd give you a quick update on how I'm doing

Still not over the break up and I'm still not happy and still very bitter about it although even though I'm sure I'll get over it that bitterness definitely isn't going away I refuse to speak to the person who broke it and I don't even acknowledge her existence anymore kinda hard to when were in the same class but I'm doing it anyway it's mean but it makes me feel at ease and way better.

So also she saw the other post and well she told the ta who then talked to me about it and said stuff like how we weren't that serious and looking back at it now I should have said is that supposed to make me feel better cause it didn't and I don't know what it is but my friend mentioned this to me as well how I'm fine in the mornings but super depressed in the afternoons anyone got an explanation for this? or is it one of the stages of a break up? cause I know there's like different stages to it and all that idk you know it's funny I've always thought love was just a pipe dream for me and just for fairy tales made for someone else but not for me I'll probably find the right person one day but I'm so beat up over what happened and the absolute depression it's caused me I just don't believe in love anymore it's stupid but I really feel that way

And pretty much now, everybody knows about the break up which I didn't want want to happen but pretty much everybody knows about It now and I think I forgetting everything much more easily now I'm so lost in my thoughts I can't process anything else and everybody's saying if she really loved you then she would have stayed which of course their right but they just don't understand how it's affected me as ive mentioned before i was having troubles with my ex not this one a different one and I think since that was on my mind as well that's what's making me feel so bitter keep in mind I don't hate the person who dumped me and I shouldn't really but my mind keeps saying she deserves the way your treating her cause she dumped you which is probably true but no one deserves it and there's a lot of emotions running through my head right now hate, depressed, sad, angry, guilt and probably a lot of other things I'm pretty sure I've snapped at people who don't deserve it cause the other day in school my friend was making a noise I'm not sure what it was but he didn't do it on purpose I'm pretty sure but i got so annoyed that I told him to stop making that noise I'm pretty sure I'm going mad or insane one of the two because I would never do that otherwise.

My family they know now as well and their keeping a really close eye on me just to make sure I'm ok and that I don't do anything stupid it's annoying but its probably for the best they do so even though at this point I'm so dead inside that I might as well be dead I keep telling myself I deserve this break up that I deserve to feel this way that I was never supposed to be here snd at this point to be honest? I'm starting to believe myself more than ever

But I just wanted to ask do you guys have any advice on how to get over this break up cause I already feel the need to not be here anymore and I don't wanna feel this way for the rest of my life so I really do need advice rn
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  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 1,054 Wise Owl
    Hey @awesomeminecraft6789

    Thank you for the update

    Breakups can be so, so tough. I'm sorry you are going through this and for the impact it is having on you :heart: I'm going through a breakup too, so I hope I can provide some comfort and empathy x

    You mentioned you're fine in the mornings and depressed in the afternoons. I definitely think that can happen with breakups. Emotions fluctuate in heartbreak. Sometimes they are more in the back of your mind, and other times they are utterly consuming. My friends say I have "anxiety evenings" because my emotions are always harder in the evening. I'm not sure why it happens, must be a way that the mind processes intense emotions.

    You're right with saying there are different stages of breakups too. And you can go back and forth between stages. Breakups are definitely a journey so, as best you can, be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to feel everything you need to feel and take good care :heart:

    You mentioned some thoughts that you deserve this breakup and you don't feel a need to be here anymore. Thank you for being so open and honest with us about these feelings. May I ask, are you safe right now?

    While breakups happen for a host of reasons, nobody deserves the pain of heartbreak. You deserve to be here so, so much. You matter a tonne and, even if you can't see that right now, I really believe that one day you will. Breakups can feel like the end of the world, but there is so much joy and beauty waiting ahead of you. You are so important and deserve to experience this joy. Better days are ahead :heart:
  • awesomeminecraft6789awesomeminecraft6789 Deactivated Posts: 1,052 Wise Owl
    Hi coc0mac

    Thanks for all the kind words I appreciate it ❤️

    And yeah it's been very tough Because of previous problems on my mind and this isn't the first time this particular ones ended it's ended before so I'm not sure why this one's taking a massive toll on me you mention that your going through a break up yourself do you have any advice on how to get over it because I could really use some tips on that and maybe I can help you

    And yeah I do feel safe but I'm so lost in my thoughts it's like one minute I'll do or say something and then forget a minute afterwards I think my Brain might just blow up lol on a serious note I'm being monitored extremely by my mom and auntie and I've gotta keep my door open so they can make sure I'm ok I'm honestly trying to forget what happened but I feel like extremely far gone like I be happy for the people who love me and it kinda makes me feel at ease because I don't want them feeling like that because of me which is why I'm trying to Push my self to believe that everything will be ok and I'll find someone new but I really really loved this girl she never felt the same I've always been aware but you know it was worth a try I mean hey it's practice for when if I get one I've come to that conclusion

    I guess I should ask This Do you guys think I should forgive her or should I just leave it and continue what I'm doing I'm not sure
  • benhicken167benhicken167 Posts: 1 Just got here
    Breakups are hard and i know that more than anyone and no matter what you did or anything like that nobody deserves to go through one.... it will get easier over time and you've pribbaly heard all of this before but it will trust me on this but sometimes it's got to get wrose before it gets better. You'll find someone else who makes you happy and you'll forget about all of this but for now you just have to kep yourself distraced and get rid of anything that reminds you of her.
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