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anna_11anna_11 Posts: 4 Newbie
Hiya I’m Anna.
I love cooking and spending time with dogs (almost all of them are not my own).
I’m your average 23 year old, but I also love antiques road show and going to bed at 9:30.
I’m looking forward to getting more involved with the discussions on this site!



  • ApolloApollo ScotlandPosts: 147 Helping Hand
    edited April 22
    Hi Anna, you seem like the perfect mix of 23 and OAP. Glad to have you here :​)
    🎵 I feel so funny these days, I'd rather sleep than stay awake 🎵
  • Anch0r33Anch0r33 Posts: 915 Part of The Mix Family
    Hey Anna, lovely to meet you!

    I'm 20, love dogs (technically have 5) and I also enjoy the antiques roadshow!

    I'm a BIG animal lover and we rescue a lot - especially rats. One of our girls is called Anna!
  • anna_11anna_11 Posts: 4 Newbie
    I’m honoured to have the same name haha =) I’m jealous! I could never have a dog growing up because my dad was insanely allergic... I mean he could be a little more considerate right? Ahah
  • LorryTruckLorryTruck EnglandPosts: 308 The Mix Regular
    Hey @anna_11 Welcome to the boards x
    "If I could tell you only one thing. My message would be this: The world would be a lonely place if you did not exist."
    - Erin Hanson.
  • Emma_Emma_ 🥦🌻🌿 Vibing with plants and vegan food Posts: 275 Community Manager
    Heya @anna_11 welcome to the boards!
    Have an explore around and settle in - give us a shout if you get stuck :3

    I'm a lil jealous of all the dogs you get to be around, is it part of a job?!
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