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Group chat break (Monday 3rd - Sunday 9th May)

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If you don't know what a group chat break is, click the spoiler below. :)

What is a 'group chat break'?
Roughly three times a year, we have a week (or two) where we take a break from running group chats.

We use these periods as a chance to gather community feedback, reflect on how things are going on the community, and look at anything we might want to work on.

It's also a good chance for staff, volunteers, and you guys to take a breather from chat. If you use group chat often, chat breaks are a good opportunity to try new services and expand your support network. :)

When are they?
Typically, there's a break in January, May, and September.

When's the next break?

Our Spring break will be from Monday 3rd May - Sunday 9th May. The usual group chat schedule will resume on Monday 10th.

What's happening that week?

As always, there will be a community quiz.

The community quiz will be in the usual format - 3 rounds of 10 questions, written and hosted by community members. Badges will be up for grabs for winners and hosts.

The theme is open to suggestions!

More info on this in a separate announcement. :)

Where can I go instead?

If you'd like some quick, live support while group chat isn't running, feel free to head over to our one-to-one services. You can get in touch in three ways - phone, webchat and email. Call for free on 0808 808 4994, from 3pm-midnight. The boards will also be open as normal.

If you're at breaking point, our Crisis Messenger is also open as usual. Text THEMIX to 85258. You can also head to this thread to find more crisis options if you need urgent support.

Questions? Drop them below :)

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