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Panic! At The Disco fans?

Ash_PATDAsh_PATD The closetPosts: 6 Confirmed not a robot
Are there any fans of Panic! At The Disco here? I love Panic!, iDKHOW, and Brendon and Dallon themselves <3 My top 7 Panic! Songs:

7. Time to Dance (A fever you can't sweat out - 2005)
6. Mercenary (Batman deluxe something - 2011)
5. Girl that you Love (Too weird to live, Too rare to die - 2013)
4. F**k A (Silver Lining) (Pray for the wicked - 2018)
3. Oh Glory (Demo/bonus track. Vices and Virtues - 2011)
2. Movin' Out (cover of Billy Joel) (All my friends we're glorious (Death of a Bachelor live tour) - 2017)
1. Casual Affair (Too weird to live too rare to die - 2013)

My favourite albums in order:
1. Vices and virtues
2. Death of a Bachelor
3. Too weird to live, too rare to die
4. A fever you can't sweat out (ahhh all their albums are so good it feels weird putting this one at 4!)
5. Pretty. Odd (i love this album too)
6. Pray for the wicked (tbh I love this album but as a fan of Indie, this was very pop. Needless to say i listen to all their albums all the time every day lol)
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