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How should 117 aftercare review process go?

sailingswallowssailingswallows Posts: 68 Boards Initiate
I have been going through a section 117 aftercare process. However I have been basically excluded from any conversations about what support I need. They have ignored my mental health needs, mispresented me and not addressed any key issues. We are now having to fight that and are getting a second opinion. Like one moment the clinical psychologist was doing EDMR and thinking I probably had PTSD but now she is saying I don't have a mental health diagnosis. My current support has not been enough to keep me stable as I am now near/at crisis point yet they are now adding anything to my support plan to help me. The 117 plan currently just has what social care are providing and no mental health support. sorry its a bit all over the place
I hate this. Any advice, experience, names of autism and mental health professionals or anything would be really helpful


  • Lucy307Lucy307 Posts: 1,171 Wise Owl
    Hi Ge,

    I’m sorry I don’t have specific advice for 117 but it doesn’t sound right that you’ve been excluded from conversations. Is there a family member or guardian that you could raise these feelings with? Or do you feel you could raise your concerns with your psychologist? If she is registered there should be safeguarding processes in place for you to be able to talk to another one of her team or even her manager if you have concerns about the level of support you are getting.

    Sounds really tough, sending hugs 💜💜
    - Lucy
    Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend
  • sailingswallowssailingswallows Posts: 68 Boards Initiate
    hi @Lucy307
    thank you and no worries.
    I will be adressing this at a meeting in the first week of may. my parents were going to address the issues with the psychologist, currently I am going to be assessed by adult mental health services (if the managers approve). I couldn't actually manage to attended the meeting on Tuesday because yeah. its just complicated because I am transitioning into adult services and I have lots of different people involved, like social services, mental health services, lots of medical consultants, so yeah there are a lot of people.
    thank you
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