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Lying to a Loved one. If ur bored and awake i hope this intrigues someone!!

PatAverillPatAverill Posts: 1 Just got here
Name is Patty new to group. Not too much info but to get to know me...I am a female, 38. Been into the scene for 24 years now. Off and on..mainly on ! (! Is for emphasis not excitement!) Opiates drug of choice but clean for last..2 years. I realize I maybe a bit old for this but bear with me..just need an ear of understanding and experience. Together 4 yrs and Just married 10.10.2020 and she's really not a user never addicted, but has dabbled with me. So question on cocaine powder, to specify, since I'm sure (But not too assume), we all know each variation of any type of drug or the way it is put into our body is very different..ugh I'm sorry..to get to the point! ...if you do some "powder" for a few hours one night do you think it is plausible or not at all like ....complete load of B.S., that just about...24 hours later you could still have some elation and be more talkative? Like residue stuck in your nose that became very clogged and drainage happened after waking at 1:30 since we slept from 6am to that 1;30 pm?!?! I was trying to find research where that has happen but found mine..so I am thinking it may not be pausible. To any person that reads this,
whether they have experiencee with this drug or not, would anyone believe there spouse if they told you this as an excuse? First timer so I hope this is an interesting read cuz it's a bit long! And didn't see if it's been talked about before, if it has please direct me to the discussion for notes!! Thankyou...can't sleep, hope to hear some ideas and discussion soon. Please let me know( if you do have input for me) if it's opinion or actual experience, Think I could find some decent people here and be an asset to others as well! I read most of the guidelines and confidentiality stuff and realize I may just be a bit old for this group like I mentioned before but ...you get that personality you click with and you can feel heard and helped from even a stranger! Age truly is a number and if your open you can find your soulmate Lover or best friend at any age! Once your past the age of informed decisions of course. But Strangers in healthy situations,.....They make the best confidants though don't they! Haha I think many in this group all know that one... Gonna end this rant (apologies) and hope to get some interesting discussion going. There's quite a few discussion topics in this "story" 😁 Sorry about the tag it wouldn't let me delete and or choose another but, I suppose this could work! We all have an issue with something even if we deny it . Deep down we know that truth in our thoughts that not a soul in this whole universe can get close enough for any one person to truly understand and or is completely comfortable enough to say. Anyone that says that they tell "so in so" there best friend or partner in life forever absolutely everything....is lying. Until we can get that and know that and accept it, there will be one person you never 3xpected to get close.. close enough to be your light, your strength, your reason to exist because isn't that the ultimate question...what are we here for!? Any true addict especially knows this and I say it really is Love. Once you find it you'll know. I hope many of you can related and help me talk through some stuff. I promise my answers or rebuttals will be on point and to the point! Just much to initially get out and I read before posting , I'm not drunk but I also hope my pages of discussion that took 45 mins of thoughtful and careful writing (hahaha), are not redundant!


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    JordanJordan Moderator Posts: 343 The Mix Regular
    Hi Patty :smile: Welcome to The Mix and thanks for your post. It's important to remember that The Mix is a community focused on under 25s, as such, the community's life experience and knowledge of support is specialised to under 25s. This means it will be quite tricky for you to recieve adequate support here, or to have conversations about situations specific to your age group. Moderators and staff also won't have much knowledge of practicial information or resources to give you.

    It might help to find a service specifically designed for adults. The Mix recommends Side by Side as a good starting point. It's a mental health support community run by Mind for over 18's. Here's a iink to Side by Side! :smile: If you'd like to read
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