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I hate my life

WookieBoy39WookieBoy39 Posts: 92 Budding Regular
I don’t trust anyone

I have no one

I am in a dark place right now and I don’t like it


  • SkyeSkye Posts: 103 The Mix Convert
    @WookieBoy39 life is unpredictable. It changes like the seasons, even your coldest winter happens for the best of reason. And though it may feel eternal, like all you'll ever do is freeze, I promise spring is coming and with it brand new leaves and flowers.

    Just because you don't trust anyone doesn't mean you have no one. You have us. A whole community full of caring and loving and supporting people.

    No one likes to be in the dark place. But the night doesn't last forever. And there's always the stars at night. Just hold on. Time heals all wounds. It'll be okay.
    Won't you come over and watch the stars with me?

  • Lucy307Lucy307 Posts: 1,171 Wise Owl
    Hi @WookieBoy39 it sounds like you’re going through a really tough time just now. Do you want to talk a little more about how you are feeling? We’re here to listen 💜
    Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend
  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 1,054 Wise Owl
    Hi @WookieBoy39,

    Firstly, I would love to echo what Skye has said. No matter how hard times feel, I really believe that you can get through this. Being in a dark place can feel so scary. So, I want you to know that we are right here to guide you through it :heart:

    Would you like to talk a bit more about what is happening for you? I'm not able to use private messages; however, I am happy to chat over the boards. We are here for you.

    Take good care x
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