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Student Profile/ Health Anxiety

_Tech_Addict_Girl_Tech_Addict_Girl Posts: 1,489 Wise Owl
edited March 2021 in Student Life & Education
Hi guys so I thought I would post some updates of what’s been going on so I’m going to start it with my EHC meeting 6th form. So EHC is I think a student profile where you have to have a meeting and your parents come in to see how your doing In 6th form.
The thing is I kind of lied on my EHC when they asked do you enjoy 6th form and I said it’s already I just miss secondary when that wasn’t the reason the real reason is because I just can’t get along with one of the TA’s in there and I still have trouble with my friendships. I couldn’t really say that to them because the TA was in there and they wouldn’t stop going on about it if I told my the TA (teaching assistant) and my teacher. So on my student profile it says I enjoy 6th form when I don’t 😔
Also in the mental health section my non told them that I worry about my health a lot and think it’s something serious most of the time so she said I go to therapy which I didn’t want to tell them but my mom did.
They acted like wow that is really good you reached out for help Alina.
It’s like they are being 2 faced when I say that I mean one of my teaching assistant.
After the meeting we was in a cooking lesson and I was putting the sweet corn can in the fridge and she’s like you shouldn’t put the sweetcorn can in the fridge after you opened it because you can get food poisoning. I mean who in the right mind would tell someone that if they have health anxiety she just went in to much detail for me so really she’s already making my anxiety worse because I had a headache about half an hour she told me that I had a bad headache after that then and started worrying because I’ve been putting the sweetcorn can in the fridge at home after.
Have any of you got any advice on any of this I would really appreciate it🥺❤️


  • _Tech_Addict_Girl_Tech_Addict_Girl Posts: 1,489 Wise Owl
    @cloud Hey Thankyou for replying answering your question I would tell my teacher how I feel but the thing is I did that last time by email and apparently the teacher as to tell the TAs everything because apparently they don’t keep secrets so that didn’t end very well at all❤️
    I agree with you she shouldn’t have gone to far with the information I think she was just trying to scare me that’s my thought.
    I did find writing on here helps me a lot also watching my favourite tv shows and listening to music but they only help for a bit❤️
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