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What's your creative outlet?

StarlightStarlight 💃danceaholic🩰Posts: 1,432 Wise Owl
Hey, hope your all having a great day so far. As a lot of you might know it's World Teen Mental Wellness Day today, so I thought I would have a little chat about ways that I’ve used creative outlets and mediums to help improve my mental wellbeing whilst also possibly giving you some things to try. I’d also love to hear about any ways art and creative outlets have helped you in any way.

There are so many different creative outlets and mediums out there, some work for some people and others don’t and that’s okay, there is something out there for everyone. Creative outlets have been shown to increase happiness, reduce stress and help increase mental wellbeing. By doing activities you enjoy such as writing, knitting, colouring, drawing, dancing or any other form of creative expression or release you allow your mind to be at rest and ease, many of these activities can have calming effects and, in some cases, can even be used as a great form of self-expression.

Personally, I use dance along with journaling as my creative freedom, words aren’t always the easiest to express in the spoken language and often at times, especially throughout my own struggles, it's hard to find the right words to express how I’m feeling and through dance I’ve been able to achieve that. Not only am I able to release any unneeded mental tension through dance but it also gives me a great sense of freedom, confidence and power that I don’t often feel like I have. Journaling, on the other hand, has been a safe way for me to get my feelings out and I find being able to write them down helps me to refocus and get rid of some of the bottled-up emotions that are doing no good being stored away.

Alternatively, not all people find peace and calm through creating their own form of art but instead consuming art itself, for example, listening to music, reading a book, watching a film or looking at artwork. These activities have also been shown to increase happiness and reduce stress. When doing one of these activities you allow your mind to rest as you can immerse yourself in whatever your doing and nothing else needs to matter. This can create a sense of calm and can be beneficial to many people in destressing and refocusing their minds.

Just as I use dance to express myself and free myself from life for a moment, music has been a major art form I have used when dealing with my own struggles. I find myself getting lost in the music and just letting myself move freely and this is when I feel like my most truthful self. With the right playlist you can feel unstoppable!

Many people underestimate the power of art and creative outlets and often forget to pursue the small things they enjoy. So, this is your reminder to go and do something you love and maybe even try one of the activities I’ve mentioned today, I hope you can all find the right creative freedom for you and I’d love to hear about anything you do to help look after your mental wellbeing currently or if you try anything new after today. Hope you all have a wonderful day <3
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  • independent_independent_ Resident Coffee Addict ScotlandPosts: 7,334 Master Poster
    I love listening to music too, I either listen to really upbeat music to have a bit of fun, or I really listen to the lyrics in slower songs and I guess sometimes I find I relate to those songs more.

    I used to play the drums when I was at school so that was definitely a creative outlet for me back then, I used to love going to my drumming lesson it was a way to escape for a bit.

    I also used to take a pottery class when I was at school and that was amazing - it was my favourite class that year because I could go to it to get away from all the stress of normal school (it wasn’t very academic).

    I love this thread <3
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  • Millie2787Millie2787 🐶 💜 Posts: 4,287 The Mix Elder
    Spontaneous poetry is a big one for me . I found if I think about it too much then I get overwhelmed. But everyone now and again I’ll sit for 5 minutes and just write whatever comes to mind .
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  • StarlightStarlight 💃danceaholic🩰 Posts: 1,432 Wise Owl
    That's so fun @independent_ I can really relate to finding songs that you can just relate to so much, I find it helps me let out my emotions easier that way. Drumming and pottery are also so much fun and I'm glad they were able to give you space away from your normal school life, school is a very stressful place for a lot of people so it's good you got to have a balance and have some enjoyment mixed it!!

    @Millie2787 I definitely get what you mean sometimes things like that can get overwhelming and too much, and that's alright I'm glad you are able to still able to enjoy writing for short periods of time, sometimes I find that 5 minutes is all I need to just let a little bit of what's weighing me down out. I'm so glad that it has been able to help you <3
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  • GemmaGemma Posts: 123 Moderator
    @Starlight I love this idea.

    I definitely use music to unwind and feel good about life, is a really fun creative outlet for me even if just dancing to 80s hits.

    I've recently discovered embroidery as my housemate gave me a kit for Christmas and have been loving it, is really satisfying watching it come together and is very relaxing. I would definitely recommend as a creative way to spend an evening.
  • StarlightStarlight 💃danceaholic🩰 Posts: 1,432 Wise Owl
    @Gemma I’m glad some people have enjoyed this! And that sounds like so much fun!! Embroidery can actually be so soothing and relaxing, and you can’t go wrong with some 80’s hits!!
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  • _Tech_Addict_Girl_Tech_Addict_Girl Sparkle ✨ Posts: 1,179 Wise Owl
    @Starlight Hey this is amazing to read something that helps me is music because what ever mood your in there is always music for it 🤍and I also watch my favourite things on TV
  • Anch0r33Anch0r33 Obnoxiously Large Anchor Somewhere in the sea 🌊Posts: 1,074 Wise Owl
    Sports is a big thing for me. I enjoy being on the ice - skating and feeling that rush through my helmet cage is a feeling like no other. Skating away like no one can catch you and scoring a goal send such an immense rush. It's so easy to forget and get lost in the game.

    My judo is something that really submerges me in my senses. If I'm doing groundwork I enjoy closing my eyes and feeling what my opponent is trying to do. It lets me block and attacks and hold tight.

    In my ball hockey the running can be very freeing. Usually I'm the only female on my teams and that can feel very empowering. Knowing that I can be the only female on the court and being able to play again fully grown large men is again a feeling like no other.
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  • GriffinhartwoGriffinhartwo Somewhere in the sky 🚁Posts: 10 Settling in
    I like playing video games and going for walks with my dogs.

    My brother is annoying but spending time with him can be nice too.

    Over covid my mental health has suffered as I've not been able to see my mates or be at school.
  • LorryTruckLorryTruck Definition of a mental mess and a certified lost cause :) EnglandPosts: 2,235 Boards Champion
    music :)
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  • StarlightStarlight 💃danceaholic🩰 Posts: 1,432 Wise Owl
    Firstly thank you to everyone on here! So happy so many of you are enjoying this thread!! <3

    @Emoji246 @LorryTruck music seems to be a popular one!! I love the freedom music gives me and I’m so glad it helps so many others too!!

    @Anch0r33 sports can be sooo good and I’m so glad you were able to find this freedom and power from playing sports. I love how empowering sport can be as well as being a space of freedom, so glad you have this outlet!!! <3

    @Griffinhartwo I also love video games!! I love being able to play as someone I’m not and have a break from reality from time to time, also dog walks are the best!! So glad you are able to use these as outlets to help you, and I hope that you can see your friends soon and that helps you feel a little better also!!
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  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 966 Part of The Mix Family
    Wow, I really love this post!! Beautifully put together! :heart:

    Creativity is SO important to me for my well-being! Music is a big one - unless I'm chatting with others, I will always have music playing haha. I also love to journal, like you.

    Something I've discovered in the past year is a passion for interior design. I gave my bedroom a huge makeover and it made me feel amazing. When I went through a tough breakup last year, my parents decided they wanted their conservatory re-decorating and said they'd leave it to me. Gave me a budget and said they'd like a 'coastal' theme and then just left it all to me. It helped me so, so much. I already have my next room planned to work on which is so fun!
  • RileyRiley Posts: 822 Super Moderator
    Definitely my biggest hobby is playing video games and I know not everyone agrees but I really feel like they count as a creative outlet especially since my favourite games are ones that really require you to think outside the box and experiment a lot with the game's mechanics. Puzzle games like that get my brain whirring more than anything else I do with my spare time that's for sure!
  • StarlightStarlight 💃danceaholic🩰 Posts: 1,432 Wise Owl
    First of all thank you!! @coc0mac that sounds like to much fun!! I’d love to redecorate but just never seem to have the time :lol: Im so glad you’ve found something you love and give you the freedom and allows you to explore your creativity!! I’d love to hear about anything you might decorate in the future!!

    @Riley video games definitely count!! Well I’d say they do! I love playing video games also and love a good puzzle game also so I definitely relate to that!

    Thank you everyone so much for all the different ideas you have and the different creative outlets you use, I’ve seen such a great variety of activities and I hope we’ve been able to inspire someone else to try something new, there really is some for everyone out there!!
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  • LaineLaine Fruit loop Gone for gooPosts: 2,767 Account Deactivated
    I often make mood boards or if I find lyrics that particularly sit with me I make edits and make it all fancy :)

    🌈Positive thoughts🌈

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  • StarlightStarlight 💃danceaholic🩰 Posts: 1,432 Wise Owl
    edited March 19
    Oooh @Laine that sounds so fun!! I love seeing people’s edits I’m in awe of them always, I could never aha. So glad you enjoy that!! Also lyrics especially relatable ones are so nice to read!! And mood boards are also a lot of fun to create and can take a bit of time which is nice for a little break aha
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