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awesomeminecraft6789awesomeminecraft6789 Deactivated Posts: 1,052 Wise Owl
Hi guys I could really use some advice right now

As I mentioned during my last post I'm trying to come back from my mental health break and I mentioned I wasn't on technology for the whole time I'm trying to get back into the habit of talking to people again but I'm just not sure how to sorry if I'm not making sense I've got a massive headache and it's not doing me any good cause I've still got what happened with an old friend and my ex on my mind I'm sorta over my ex now but I still feel guilty about it like it might be my fault Ik it isn't cause she's the one who's acting like this and I'm not sure about my girlfriend I haven't talked to her in a while either so I could easily have been broken up with by now it would be karma for breaking up with my ex I've got bad karma enough as it is if she has I deserve it

My old friend? I didn't even do anything to him a friend just asked if I could ask him if she could have his insta so i asked and then he literally hurt my feelings because of it it wasn't even my fight I just asked for her cause I care about her a lot and you know what's funny? He swore at me and I wasn't even swearing at him and you know what else is funny ? He's got a girlfriend sound familiar? Yep my ex also has a new boyfriend and she's treating me like I'm gsrba that's two friends I've lost in the span of what a year? It's honestly ridiculous

Also about three weeks ago maybe? Idk he came back and I was just minding my own business and I hadn't talked to him in about two weeks TWO WEEKS and he comes back and judges me on my story saying I'm dramatic and petty and swearing at me again he tried to remain calm with him but if he had said anymore I would have flat out cried and him saying that affected me to the point where I refrained from posting stories because I was too worried he was going to do it again

I'm honestly on the breaking point right now guys sorry about ranting on I just feel like I can talk to you all more I trust my girlfriend and all but she's the last person I want stressed cause that would certainly break me I'm already broken enough as it is with this all going on and if I did that to her I couldn't live with myself that might sound over dramatic but I really really really do love her more then I love me or anyone else other than my family I really really need some advice right now guys please I don't know what else to do 💔😭


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