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Braces and Eating

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So I currently going through dental treatment. I have braces but I also have this like fixed plastic thing in my mouth (just today) with like a wire as well.  But like Its really uncomfortable because it stops me from eating like I the only thing I can actually do is swallow. 
I find eating difficult anyway so this just makes it worse. I'm slightly hungry but that's not to bad to deal with my body.  I'm not quire sure what to do? I told the dentist she was like we've wasted all this money, there's no other option? My parents just have a go at me for not being able to eat like as if it's my fault- is it? 
I'm not saying this for pity but I just want to know if there's other people or any help? Hopefully, with time, I'll get used to it. 

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    Hi sending bug hugs  <3 I definitely felt the same when I got braces and I know a lot of my friends did too. I know in the beginning I stuck to softer foods or even things like soup. Another thing I did was to eat smaller meals but have snacks through out the day it made it easier to manage the pain. But within time the pain will begin to subside. 

    Big hugs always happy to listen if you ever need anything  <3
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    I understand I think I had something similar and I was so frustrated but you have to just keep on eating once the pain has gone and you will get used to it i promice :)
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