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Group chat feedback - what you said and what happens next

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After the recent Group Chat Feedback Project, we've been working with the Community Champions to set our priorities for group chat this year. The feedback you all submitted was incredibly useful. :)

Here's a brief summary of what you said...

What you like about Group Chat

    • The mod team
    • Opening and closing rounds
    • Autolinking
    • That we have a space for general chat
    • The timing and frequency of most sessions

    What you said could be improved

    • The guidelines need an update; they could be more consistent and easier to find
    • Support Chat could benefit from a bit more group support
    • Chat spaces could be more inclusive to males
    • Mods sometimes move the group on too quickly after something difficult
    • The timing of some chats could be better (e.g. Young Carers Chat)

    What's next?

    There are some changes we can start making right now:
    • Young Carer's Chat will be moving to Mondays (announcement)
    • We'll look at how we can make sure the guidelines are applied consistently
    • The mod team will talk about how we respond to difficult or disruptive moments in chat

    And there are some things that need looking at in more detail:
    • Updating the guidelines
    • Making group chat more male-inclusive
    • How we can make Support Chat feel more supportive

    The Community Champions will be leading the way on some of these things, and the first thing we're planning to look at is the group chat guidelines.

    If you want to join the Community Champions, drop @The Mix a PM!

    Any thoughts, feel free to pop them below, and thanks again to everyone who submitted feedback. It's really clear that you all care about group chat, and it helps us continue to improve it. :)
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    Want to join the community champions? Drop @TheMix a message!

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