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You are who you are it's ok to cry

awesomeminecraft6789awesomeminecraft6789 Deactivated Posts: 1,052 Wise Owl
Hi guys 

Another serious one here but this one is about feelings and how we fit in this world

I had a really rough childhood I never knew my real mom so I live with my adopted mom and she gets on my nerves sure and Ive said a lot of things that I didn't mean but I am extremely thankful for who I've got she's a mom who's looked after me since I think I was five days old I've never got to tell her but she's always been there when I've needed her and she's my shoulder to cry on at home when I've had a rough day so as the title says no matter who you are no matter what you are or where you are there's always gonna be people who care about and love you no matter what I'm extremely thankful for my family cousins friends best friends and girlfriend their all there when I need them 

This years been really hard for me cause I finally found out what true love is and depression is both at the same time from break ups to heartbreaks to exes who can't get over me breaking up with them you name it I've been through it I still feel dead inside but with help from my girlfriend it's starting to go away and I just wanted her to know if she reads this she's absolutely amazing honestly before this relationship I've known her for counting this year seven years and I think that's the key to a good relationship honesty, kindness, being truthful and helping each other and I'm willing to do that for her even if it kills me or stresses me I'm willing to push through and help her no matter what I want her to know that 

What I've learned from this year? Probably you are you you are loved you matter and, it's ok to cry even if you find it embarrassing when you do it in front of people no matter what no one is going to judge you for crying it's good to have a cry every once in a while because we're all human after all even animals we don't know what their thinking but they should be treated the way we wanted to be treated their are so many people who hunt and kill for no reason sure it can be used to help but half the animal kingdom has gone extinct and many have lost their homes and families it sickens me because regardless as to what people think animals have feelings like us they deserve the right treatment

And to you, my depressed friends on here I don't know you all but I want you to know that I care about you and i love you even if you think no one cares about you that's not true there are so many people out there family friends boyfriends girlfriends husband's and wife's who hate to see you like that relationships are difficult and confusing things that can go one way or another but as long as you find the right person who will be there for you and help you like I think I have then your solid I'm going to leave you with one final message that honestly comes from the heart 

Your body isn't clothes: don't hang it❤

Your life isn't a game: don't end it 🤗

Relationships aren't tests: don't cheat on them 🙂

Stay strong: 💪🙏

There are so many people who love you and care about you and remember

You are you it's ok to cry 

I'm praying for all of you to have a life full of happiness and you deserve everything you've got I love you all ❤


  • SneakylilmochaSneakylilmocha Posts: 177 Helping Hand
    Hey, I'm just reading this and cheered me up a little bit. Thank you for writing it out :heart:
    "Grow from the dirt they left you in."
  • awesomeminecraft6789awesomeminecraft6789 Deactivated Posts: 1,052 Wise Owl

    Hi I'm glad to hear that it cheered you up a little that's good to hear! If you ever wanna talk I'm here for you ☺️

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