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Poetry around mental health (might trigger)

AnneFrypanAnneFrypan Posts: 335 The Mix Regular
Hi everyone! 
Just thought id share the poem that I wrote near the end of last year however it was never finished. It is about my mental health experience so far and any suggestions on how to finish it would help me. 

I look back at my teenage years and what do I see? 
Tears driving
Fear rising
Screen time overriding
still deciding what my life is
will I make it
or do I take it

A pit is one way to describe it
long deep hole with no way to bribe it
so far down I'm at my tole with all this shit
can it get much worse than this?

It did I burst out again
tears driving
fear rising
screen time overriding
it's not surprising I'm just sighing
How has life been so defying?

Now I'm fighting
therapy and prescribing

That's as far as the poem got.

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  • Past UserPast User Posts: 0 Just got here
    edited January 2021
    Hey Anne this really amazing , poetry is a beautiful way to get all our thoughts and feelings out. Big hugs here if you ever need anything  <3 I guess my only advice which may be cheesy  is just to follow your gut and let your feelings guide you. I wish you the best of luck 
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