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Should we focus on the issues of the world more?

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Ok so I don’t know about you but for me the news and everything that’s happening has been getting me down lately. So what should we do? Do we still here and focus on the world still or do we find ways to distract ourselves now and then?

 I am by no means saying we should ignore the events that are taking place but sometimes don’t we need to take time out?

so the reason I ask this, is because I saw a post on social media saying “people can’t agree on this simple maths question.” Which was 
So people have been commenting on it with different answers and then a comment caught me eye

“If this is all people have got to discuss, focusing on silly things when the world is in the state it’s in we are DOOMED who really cares if it’s 1 or 9 or even 0 I just wish people would spend as much time focusing on what’s really going on and not trivial crap like this”

so I couldn’t resist at replying (yeah I know I probably shouldn’t have said anything 😂)

whats wrong with this? Beats mopping about covid 24/7. The world is full of negativity, if something like this is giving someone something to do then whats the harm?

So we went on a debate

in my opinion I think activities such as this can really help people feel better rather than constantly dwelling on the negativity. I also said about people finding ways to cope with their mental health with activities such as this or listening to music, watching a film etc.

in her opinion (she is a RMN) things such as this are distracting people from the real world and that music and films are full of subliminal messages, again distracting us from what really matters and that people should learn to cope not mope.

but I don’t see how we can learn to cope when we focus on what is happening in the world 24/7 
again I’m not saying we shouldn’t pay attention but is it healthy to constantly think about it for the sake of taking 10 minutes out of our day to do something (like this maths question) 

so I want to know what your options are, please do not argue as everyone is entitled to their own opinion 


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    Of course we need to have distractions from the world. People find this in many ways - social media, shows, reading etc. 

    However I do feel some people totally block out everything - stop watching the news and ignore everything. 

    It's important to know what's going on in the world and actively try to do something about it (global warming for example). With covid you need to keep up as everything changes so quickly - lockdowns, tiers etc daily numbers. 

    So I think it's important to find a balance - educate yourself and then do the self care, don't just ignore things because it might trigger you. (there's some things you can avoid - going to a certain place etc) but I think when it comes to real life, worldwide issues that blocking these issues out is contributing to the problem. 

    So by all means, have the silly things in life and what nots but remember the world will be here long after we are and it's important we look after it for generations to come, otherwise our children and grandchildren won't have a safe place to live in. 
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    definitely it’s about finding a balance, like I say the world is important and we should look at what is happening around us because like you say blocking it out completely isn’t going to help. But we should tale just a few minutes out to focus on ourselves and do something to make us happy too :)
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    One of the big life lesson you learn growing up is it's healthy to disentangle yourself from things when you can't change them- so with COVID as an example you can wear a mask and wash your hands and keep updated about your area's rules, but beyond the things you CAN change there'd be no point keeping on top of COVID news 24/7 and making a vaccine in your garage out of lucozade and zoflora.

    I agree, it's all about balance!
    "Do, or do not, there is no try" <(•.•)>              
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