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Guideline update - anonymity

MikeMike 🎧LandaanPosts: 3,649 Community Manager
Based on feedback from you and from moderators, we've made a minor change to the group chat guidelines to do with anonymity. Here's the full guideline, with the new bit underlined:

Group chat is an anonymous place – I won’t repeat anything I hear in chat elsewhere and I won’t share personal contact details in the chat room. If I choose to be anonymous, I won’t deliberately raise questions about who I am or ask people to guess. If I want my name to be known, I’ll change it. If an anonymous chatter is in the room, I’ll respect their decision and not ask who they are.

It can be tough to be vulnerable or have a conversation when someone is in the room being mysterious about their identity, so this is to make sure chat feels nice and safe.

And if someone wants to remain anonymous, this guideline means they can do that without worrying people might openly try and 'suss them out'.

As always, feel free to throw any comments or questions below. :)
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