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I Feel like my parents see me as a list of Pros and Cons

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For context, I am a 15-Year-old male. (idk if this is how this work I'm used to Reddit lol)
So I have been mostly fine mental healthwise throughout my life, but recently I've been super depressed, it took a while to figure out why, as I've always had plenty of friends who I am super close to, and seem to do everything a happy person does, I slowly realized it has mostly to do with my family, particularly my parents. My brother is occasionally an ass, but usually we get along well and are fine, but that's normal so I don't think that's the problem. Now I don't know exactly when or what in particular made me feel this way but more and more I feel like my parents don't see or care about me as a person, Im just here to do as they want. Like if I have a late assignment they get really made which is usual for most people, but its almost as if when i have a late assignment i don't deserve to be treated as human. I have always tried to do everything to please them, but recently i have tried to do things for myself and it has turned them insane. They have always belittled me, but recently i hear them making fun of me in the other room. I feel like recently its rare i leave an interaction with them to do something besides go and cry. What confirmed this for me most of all was that about three weeks ago I was positive for COVID, my grandma was not currently living at her house so i went and lived there for my quarentine, and I was shocked; for almost 2 weeks I hadn't cried wanted to hurt myself or felt depressed, i thought maybe i was okay finally after months. And the first day i talked to my parents in 2 weeks I cried myself to sleep and now things are back to normal. So my Question I suppose is what am I supposed to do? I cant get emancipated for a year, and i don't even know if that is the solution. I just need some advice, thank you all so much.
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