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My experience of a relationship

Fizzy_225Fizzy_225 Posts: 5 Confirmed not a robot
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    Fizzy_225Fizzy_225 Posts: 5 Confirmed not a robot
    What was it

    I knew this person for 2 years in person we went to the same college. and we never talked. I added him online to apologise for wht I said abt him and he kept harassing my friend and i told him to stop so ihe said I apologise for that and I blocked him on that account but then i thought what if he hates me again he will think I'm a bad person and I dont wanna hurt him again so I added him again he said hi I said hi then he said have u ever done dirty stuff I said no he said u will have to do it sometimes I said no I'm not like that he said try it for me I said no stop. Then i would say hi he would say hi. He wouldn't talk abt nothing else except sexual things. He would be like what u wearing I said a tshirt he would be like no bra and I'm like no. He would then ask me r u in bed I said yeah. He said let's play truth or dare and I said no but he called it fun so I went with it. He dared me to sleep with my top of and I didn't i said no. Then again we would play he would be like would u kiss me if u had the chance i said yh maybe but I'm not like that he would say but u would if u had the chance to. He called me cute and said I'll date u if u said yes and maybe think of me more than just friends i kept saying no i dont do relationships he said we can have an online relationship he said I like it like that no one knows I said I cant he said dont worry. He then asked me to fantasize our wedding night and were on the bed and wht do we do I said okay because it was a roleplay I didnt think it was bad also I wanted him to stop. Then he played t or d again and said touch your upper body and I said wtf Haha k I joked but I didnt want to do it. he said dont worry it's fun then he asked me how was it I said stop asking me that I did it. I kept saying no I dont wanna date he said u feel bad but its not ur fault but you'll make me feel better if we get together ur a nice girl because I asked him how do I make up for it i was in the wrong. Then again he said I would date u if u say yes and I said I cant he said dont worry it's an online relationship so i gave in i said yeah okay but I didnt want him to make it public because I didnt say yes because i wanted it. He said send me a kiss emoji it's cute and i did it i even said why he said its cute. After I sent him he said were in a relationship so were gonna have to do dirty stuff I said I cant do it bye. Then I would say hi he would say hi since were in lockdown we should get to know each other and I said k he said give me ur number I made an excuse and said I cant. I once asked him how are u he would say wanna play truth or dare and I said yh because again I wanted him to talk to me because guys dont talk to me they see me as the shy girl or nerdy girl. I said for 5 mins because I needed to go have a shower he said let's play after ur shower and ur gonna have to do stuff even if its dirty it will be fun he said i never replied. I messaged him happy birthday and he would be like thx because it's my bday u need to give me a present I said wht he said romance and I said I'll think abt it. He said dont worry not forcing ya like he hasnt been. Then after that it I messaged him hi he would be like hi and then I messaged him Eid Mubarak he said you too. I confronted him he said I didn't put pressure on you but he did otherwise he wouldn't talk to us or we were scared he is gonna turn on us. He tried to play the victim by saying he has epilepsy and he is weak. He said didnt u know how would I know u didnt tell me. Yh I joked abt with my friend making jokes abt it and laughing but deep down we were hurt we didnt realise wht was going on. I did wht I did so I could make him happy I didnt wanna make him sad. I wanted him to keep talking to me. I started to have feelings for him

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