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Thinking About Going Back To School

So recently, I have been REALLY into my cooking programs. It has got me inspired to go back to college and study food, but last time I was at college...TLDR, I dropped out a week before the final assesments started. I was bullied pretty badly.

Should my past expierences stop me going back, or should I just give it a go?
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  • Anch0r33Anch0r33 Community Champion Posts: 1,201 Wise Owl
    I agree, it's it's something you want to do then don't let past experiences stop you. 

    I can talk from past experience and tell you that my first hockey academy that I went to, the coach abused me - I was bullied by her, singled out and ridiculed. She literally turned majority of the academy against me very early on. It was tough but I did have some supportive friends and I was lucky I went to a different school to the rest of them as I was an international student. 4 years later and most of that team still have me blocked and won't talk to me because they think I'm the bitch. 

    (Side note after the next season the coach recieved the same complaints against her so she got suspended for I think a year)

    I got invited to tryouts for two different teams in the same league, both in Canada. Tryouts were unfortunately on the same day so I had to make a decision based on research about what was best for me. 

    The one I chose was in a small town, it already had an established boys team and was setting up the girls team that year - this meant I wouldn't be going into any already bonded team and we all started together. 

    I went to tryouts and made the team. 

    My family weren't keen originally because of what had happened with the last coach, and the fact it was in the same league and I'd end up playing against my old team. 

    Well they came around to it eventually and funnily enough our first roadtrip was where my previous team played and our first game was against my old team. We beat them 2:0. I got targeted and ran from behind by one of my old teammates but it was so worth it. 

    What I'm trying to say, is just because one experience is bad, doesn't mean they all will be. I played for two teams in the exact same league and they were total opposites. 

    If it's something you're really interested in and something you really want to do - just go for it. 

    I agree, you should also look at some other options too - think of these questions - where is the best environment for me? What do I want to achieve from whatever I choose? How do I get to where I want to be? Is there anything standing in my way? If so how do I get over it? 

    And then once you've picked a place you like the look of ask yourself these - if I go here how will I benefit from it? What will I get out of it? Where can I go from here? 

    Hope this helps! 
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    You sound passionate about cooking which is lovely to hear! Sometimes when making a decision it can be helpful to talk to others about it (so great shout by posting here :smile:), writing down pros and cons etc and deciding from there. Just as @errrin has said, if you think it will be good for you then go for it! And we really will be here to support you with whatever decision you make 
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