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Stressed 😫

Emoji246Emoji246 Posts: 457 Listening Ear
Hi I’ve really had enough of going into school now I’m having second thoughts about my teaching assistants again there is just lots going on and it is really stressing me now 😖😓 Every time I have a problem I think I’m always the one to blame there is a friend of mine in my class and he is not talking to me anymore he said mean things to me online and when I told my teaching assistance she said she will talk to him and tell him how to speak properly but I don’t think she did because he never gets in trouble because I think he is the favourite and his always good in school. So what I’m saying is I always get the blame and I don’t trust them anymore I get so stressed I just want the day to be over. I have told the deputy head about the teaching assistants before and ever since she’s been in a mood with me so really I have no one to talk to about it in school and every time I try to tell my mom she keeps saying I’m being a drama queen and she believes them all the time. It’s just really stressing me now it’s just one thing after the other 😣.
Please help.I really don’t want to go in anymore 🥺


  • Han93Han93 EnglandPosts: 311 The Mix Regular
    Hi @Emoji246 I'm so sorry that you're struggling at school at the moment - would there be any possibility of you moving classes? Maybe you could suggest this to your headmaster/headmistress or deputy head? I know you've tried to talk to them before but maybe they didn't realise the seriousness of how much it was effecting you and your studies. 

    If you find it difficult talking to them, maybe you could write your feelings down in a letter? You could also do this with your mom too, maybe she also doesn't realise how much it is upsetting you?
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