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♡ The best thing that has happened today is... ♡

MilsyRoseMilsyRose South East EnglandPosts: 193 Trailblazer
Hello dears,

It's me again, Amelia. As you can most likely tell by the discussion title, this board is where you can focus on the good things that have happened throughout your day instead of focusing on everything that has gone wrong or could have gone better. 

I'd love to hear what lovely things you guys get up to and it'll be great to see what creative things you're getting up to whilst being stuck in quarantine! Every day if you're willing to share with us what you have been up to and what your best thing that has happened today is then you're more than welcome to do so here - try to keep the negativity out because I want you to draw your focus away from that if possible.

Have an absolutely lovely evening and a lovely week too! 


  • MilsyRoseMilsyRose South East EnglandPosts: 193 Trailblazer
    Today, I have been on a call to my lovely friends but aside from that, I really haven't been up to much! I've been rather bored but that is okay. I am looking forward to the group chats though! :)
  • AnneFrypanAnneFrypan “The biggest battles are the ones that rage within us.”Posts: 220 Trailblazer
    Today was pretty good! I went rock climbing with my mum and dad. Then when I got home I called 2 of my best friends! <3
  • GemmaGemGemmaGem ScotlandPosts: 39 Boards Initiate
    Today, I did some digital art and I really enjoyed that. Other than that, I haven't been up to much else other than calling with my friends.
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